C.A.V.E Gallery in Los Angeles, CA presents “Dig for Fire: an Exhibition of Art inspired by the Pixies”. Artists include Chris Berens, Dan May, Ben Kehoe, Craig LaRotonda, Chris Sickels, Jonathan and Valerie Nicklow, Douglas Miller, John Casey, Jason Limon, Shaunna Peterson, Rik Catlow, Jim Sheely aka Ojimbo, Chris Cole, Aya Kakeda, Jenny Bird Alcantara, Ale Siniestro, Jeremy Pruitt, Timothy McCormick, Chris Mars, Annie Owens, Eric Eaton, PJ Fidler, Lee Petty, Eatcho, Macsorro, Craww, Tom Haubrick, Allison Sommers, Kelly Allen, Kathleen Lolley, Sergio Mora, Kevin Titzer, and Robert Hardgrave. Opens Friday, September 9th, 7-10pm. Process pics here.