Game of Shrooms on Saturday, June 8th, 2024

Game of Shrooms is a once a year world-wide art ‘N’ seek event created by Attaboy. The next Game of Shrooms happens on June 8th, 2024. On that day, artists from all over the world hide their original mushroom-themed art works in public places then they give hints (often on social media) for others to find AND KEEP!

Wild in the Streets @ Moth Belly Gallery

4/4 – 4/27/24

Purchase work from the show here!

“Wild In The Streets” is a duo exhibition of two Bay Area artists we’ve long felt were destined to be in a show together. Featuring the off-the-wall, hyper detailed collages and papier-mâché sculptures of Andrea Bergen, and the anthropomorphic (and often surreal) animals of John Casey—these joined bodies of work come together to envision a world where people are all but gone and the animals have taken back over and assumed human roles. Falling somewhere between a rumination on the environmental impact of consumer culture, and a celebratory spree of nature’s reclamation, this show reaches a degree of full-on mayhem that won’t soon be forgotten.

Moth Belly Gallery
912 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Faultline 8 x 10 @ Faultline Artspace

2/24/24 – 4/27/24

Faultline 8×10 is Faultline Artspace‘s grand ten year anniversary of our first 8×10 show. Many of the artists have returned, alongside with some fresh faces. All art is on 8×10 panels or canvas, and the variety in styles and subject matters is quite stunning!

80 artists including:
Alison OK, Ambrose Chan, Anne Garvey, Armando Resendez, Betsy Kendall, Bill Prochnow, Bre Gipson, Brent Hayden, Cameron Thompson, Chaves, Chelsea Robot, Chris Granillo, Christina Spiegel, Dan Fontes, Darren Koepp, David Burke, Deadeyes, Don’t Fret, Dylan Kelly, Erik Bakke, Fred Nolan, Hannah Wynkoop, Heather Robinson, Helena Sorus, Jack Vosney, Jake Wattling, James Bonacci, Javier Estrella, John Casey, Jon Carling, Jordan Quintero, Kristi Holohan, Lisa Drostova, Lisa Rigby, Lisa Pisa, Logan Hammond, Lorenzo Crockett, Luka Fernandez, Madelyne Templeton, Marcos LaFarga, Martin Webb, Mario Navasero, Mariana Moreno-Gonzalez, Mary Kalcic, Mary Kalin-Casey, Mary Southall, Max Kauffman, May Lo, Melanie Sharr, Michael McConnell, Michael Manente, Mittie Cueterra, Monkonjay Yancy, Nadine Laurent, Naseem Alavi, Nicole Hayden, Ozi Magana, Pancho Pescador, Perry Frietas, Phillip Ginn, Question Marker, Rafael Tapia III, Renee Ring (Castro), Reon English, Ryan Kelder, Ryan LaLonde, Ryan McJunkin, Santos Shelton, Sophie Leininger, Stephanie Silk. Tallulah Teryll, Tanza Solis, Taylor Smalls, Val Margolin, Vero Orozco, YouBeen Kim, and Zachary Sweet

Radiant Souls at NIAD

2/2/24 – 3/22/24

NIAD Art Center presents “Radiant Souls”, an exhibition organized by Fernanda Martinez. Featuring works by Saul Alegria, Sebastian Alvarez, Julio Del Rio, Ann Meade, Dorian Reid, Carlota Rodriguez, Joseph Rux, Peter Harris, Sylvia Fragoso, Shawna Kinard, Christian Vassell, Felicia Griffin, Eric Bohr, John Casey, Meghan Shimek, and Amber Jean Young.

Our memories are constituted by faces, feelings, colors, shapes, and sounds. The way we create our own reality has deep roots in what we perceive from the outside universe and what stays with us after our senses process all this information. All the interpretations that we make serve us as a way of being in the world.

Radiant Souls Is an invitation to reflect on all the evoking and mysterious symbols that get suspended in our memories, making the familiar objects an incitement to explore beyond our desires and look deeper into our reality.

We are all contributors in the process of creation; our thoughts, feelings and unconscious beliefs have an energy that is present in the work. These unseen forces provide the opportunity to see more of the familiar and question our reality so we can embrace new ways of understanding ourselves and the world.

Big Eyes @ Transmission Gallery

The good folks at Transmission Gallery in Oakland asked me to paint on a 7′ x 13′ old vinyl tarp. I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

770 West Grand Ave., Suite A, Oakland, CA 94612
​Open Thurs-Sat, noon to 5 pm
Open till 8 pm on the  first Friday of the month and by appointment.

The Rabbit Show @ Bench Gallery

Bench Gallery in San Francisco presents “The Rabbit Show” a group show celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with lots of fun artists.

Bench Gallery at Fayes
3614 18th St., San Francisco, CA
Nov. 1 – Dec. 10

Monster Drawing Rally @ SOEX

Saturday, October 21, 3-9pm

Southern Exposure’s Monster Drawing Rally is the action-packed art-making event where you witness the Bay Area artist community at work and walk away with pieces from your favorite local artists. All artwork created sells for the low price of $100, and as part of our commitment to supporting artists, all participating artists have the option to receive up to a 50% commission of the sale, with the remaining proceeds going directly to furthering our work at Southern Exposure. Not to mention, artwork from past years will be available for purchase at even lower costs!

Fill your walls with art from the artists making the Bay Area the special home that it is to so many of us. This year the Monster Drawing Rally is in-person on Saturday, October 21, 3-9 PM, at The Lab in the heart of the Mission at 2948 16th St. The Monster Drawing Rally is an incredible afternoon of artmaking and fundraising where over 100 local artists create brand-new work right before your eyes. As you spy on the creative process, you’ll see sketches, paintings, and collages morph into full-fledged artworks – immediately available. Enjoy a DJ, drinks available for purchase, and an art-making table for kids!

Birds Rising @ Brassworks

9/9 – 10/7/23

Brassworks Gallery in Portland, OR, presents “Birds Rising”, a group exhibition curated by Heiko Muller. Artists include: Alexandra Bukaschem, Ana Juan, Dewi Plass, Bene Rohimann, Brad Woodfin, Caitlin McCormack, Dan Barry, Darla Jackson, Eiko Borcherding, Diana Sudyka, EI Gato Chimney, Elmar Lause, Gregory Hergert, Mario Klingemann, Hazel Ang, Heiko Müller, John Casey, Juliet Schreckinger, Katrin Berge, Kisung Koh, Marc Burkhardt, moki, Richard Ahnert, and Ryan Heshka.

Purchase works on the Brassworks site.

Poolside at 111 Minna Gallery

7/14 – 9/21/23

111 Minna Gallery is pleased to present their latest project, ‘POOLSIDE’ featuring the works of over 60 prolific Bay Area artists.

‘Poolside’ will be a summertime/fun time full gallery extension of our widely popular ‘Sketch Tuesday’ event. ’Sketch Tuesday’ is a live drawing event where artists create work on an affordable smaller scale for the public to appreciate and purchase. ‘Poolside’ will be a full exhibition of already finished works featuring many of our regular ‘Sketch Tuesday’ participants and 111 Minna Gallery artists featuring nearly two hundred pieces created on a smaller scale (Sketch Tuesday size) that will be affordable to the public.

Just as our ‘Sketch Tuesday’ events feature professional artists of all media and career levels mixed with artists pursuing different professional trades (but still avid artists). ‘Poolside’ will also provide the same community based atmosphere for all to enjoy!