SF Station: Art Scene, March 11th – 24th by Melissa Lane Oakland artist John Casey delves deep into the demon-ruled zones of his psyche and reports back to us in sculpture and pen-and-ink drawings. Unusual Suspects comprises a host of deformed, sad little creatures. Casey explains that, "They struggle with their ugliness and debilitation but are also somewhat at peace with it… The result may evoke a burst of laughter or yelp of fright."… ————————— East Bay Express: This Week’s Day-by-Day Picks by Stephanie Kalem Saturday, 3/19 – Today is your last chance to see John Casey’s first solo show of mixed-media sculptures and pen-and-ink drawings. For Unusual Suspects, Casey has loaned his demons to the Cricket Engine Studio and Gallery, and man, are they cute — in a grotesque kind of way. The Oakland-by-way-of-New England rez creates detailed drawings and glossy, small-scale sculptures of clownish monstrosities that somehow — despite their gimp masks, vestigial horns, feet for bodies, boxing gloves for legs, sphincter-lipped mouths, and incorrectly hairy parts — seem to beg for your love.