Opening Reception Saturday, February 10, 1-4pm

NIAD Art Center presents “Radiant Souls”, an exhibition organized by Fernanda Martinez. Featuring works by Saul Alegria, Sebastian Alvarez, Julio Del Rio, Ann Meade, Dorian Reid, Carlota Rodriguez, Joseph Rux, Peter Harris, Sylvia Fragoso, Shawna Kinard, Christian Vassell, Felicia Griffin, Eric Bohr, John Casey, Meghan Shimek, and Amber Jean Young.

Our memories are constituted by faces, feelings, colors, shapes, and sounds. The way we create our own reality has deep roots in what we perceive from the outside universe and what stays with us after our senses process all this information. All the interpretations that we make serve us as a way of being in the world.

Radiant Souls Is an invitation to reflect on all the evoking and mysterious symbols that get suspended in our memories, making the familiar objects an incitement to explore beyond our desires and look deeper into our reality.

We are all contributors in the process of creation; our thoughts, feelings and unconscious beliefs have an energy that is present in the work. These unseen forces provide the opportunity to see more of the familiar and question our reality so we can embrace new ways of understanding ourselves and the world.