April 15 – June 25, 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 15, 2023, 12 – 2 pm PDT

The Bedford Gallery presents “About Face,” a juried and invitational exhibition, continues the fascinating tradition of creating portraits, using a contemporary lens to speculate how future generations might perceive the way we value beauty, power, and ultimately what we hold culturally significant.

My drawing “Shifter,” pencil and colored pencil on paper, 17″ x 14″, 2022

The practice of creating portraits dates back nearly 12,000 years to the Neolithic era. What began as plastered human skulls has evolved into paintings, photographs, and sculpture that not only capture the likeness of an individual, but also provide clues about the cultural and societal context in which the person lived.

Participating Artists: Donna Anderson Kam, Charles Antolin, Piotr Antonow, Brandin Barón-Nusbaum, Carlos Gamez de Francisco, Linda Belden, Angelique Benicio, Ashlie Benton, Robin Bernstein, Kim Brewer, Donna Brown, Jamie Burnside, Dorothy Butts-Lo Bue, Carolina Caples, John Casey, Jane Cavala, Bora Choi, Susan Cole, Travis Collinson, Linda Craighead, Nimisha Doongarawl, Cheryl Drake, Katie Drum, Azma Elham, Beth Fein, Jane Fisher, Lisa Franklin, Bushra Gill, Carla Golder, Elizabeth Gorek, Julie Grantz, Ema H. Sintamarian, Monica Haro, Judy Hirabayashi, Russell Houlston, Lisa Jetonne, Barbara Johansen Newman, Kuo-Chen Jung, Soad Kader, Mary Kalin-Casey, Sherry Karver, Christian K. Lee, TaVee Lee, Alma Leppla, Joann Lieberman, Jackie Liu, Madison Lloyd, Peggy Magovern, James Woods Marshall, Katie McCann, Lisa McElroy, Derra McWilliams, Frances “Dance” Doyle Miller, Mary Mocas, Tracy Nickolaus, Jennifer Packer (Lugris), Daisy Patton , Vivian Patton, Burt Peng, Jude Pittman, Roz Ritter, Mary Lou Grace Robinson, David Rothman, Bill Samios, Victor Sanchez, Pallavi Sharma, Barbara Silverman, Robynn Smith, Tony Spiers, Marnie Spencer, Julianne Sterling, Melissa Stone, Ariel Strong, Jessamyn Sweet, Jonathan Valdivias, Brian Van Camerik, David Van Ness, Nicolas Vionnet, Chiachen Wang, John Watson, Lin Wei, Ji Seon Yoon, Linda Yoshizawa, Dianne Yudelson

Mary’s painting “Bundle” in the exhibition.