3/26/15 - 4/27/15: New Works by Heiko Muller, John Casey, and Lisa Ericson
Antler Gallery, in Portland, OR presents new works by Heiko Muller, John Casey, and Lisa Ericson.
Reception: Thursday, March 26, 6-10pm
3/25/15 - 3/29/15: Drawing Now Paris Art Fair
I will be exhibiting some new drawings with Galerie Polaris, in Paris, France at the Drawing Now Paris Art Fair along with other Polaris artists as well as artists represented by 80 international galleries.
2/7/15 - 3/7/15: Doubleparlour Presents: The Zealot's Elixir
Modern Eden Gallery, in San Francisco, CA presents the "Zealot's Elixir," curated by doubleparlour. Featuring dynamic 3D works from Crystal Morey, J-RYU, Su Limbert, Erika Sanada, Tokyo Jesus, Steve Ferrera, Mab Graves, Carisa Swenson, Sarah Davey, Liz McGrath, Allison Sommers, Michael Campbell, Miso, Lana Crooks, Lumi Sickpiro, John Casey, Sheri DeBow, Calvin Ma, Jaime Lakatos, Troy Coulterman, Elliot Jackson, and doubleparlour. Pics here.
1/31/15 - 3/8/15: Happy Accidents
The Compound Gallery, in Oakland, CA presents "Happy Accidents," a solo show featuring my recent foray into color. For years I have worked mostly with black, white, and grey (and occasionally reddish-orange-brown) in ink or pencil. Recently I've experienced a color epiphany, with a new cast of characters in the form of paintings, drawings, and sculpture. Come out and see the technicolor, recessive, gene-pool family. Show pics here. | East Bay Express review here. | Oakland Art Enthusiast feature here.

7/11/14 SoEx Monster Drawing Rally
Southern Exposure in San Francisco, CA presents "Southern Exposure's 2014 Monster Drawing Rally," a live drawing event and fundraiser. Friday, July 11, 2014 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM, Verdi Club in SF. Pics here.
7/5/14 - 7/29/14: Corrective Course
Marcas Contemporary Art, In Santa Ana, CA presents "Corrective Course", an inaugural group show featuring works by Dan Quintana, Alex Garcia, Nikko Hurtado, Matt Hurtado, Kevin Peterson, Jasmine Worth, JoKa, Adrian Dominic, Shawn Barber, Tom Haubrick, Sylvia Ji, Michael Mararian, Steven Daily, Olivia, Nicomi Nix Turner, Ekundayo, Jason Gallo, Gabe Larson, Laurie Lee Brom, Gustavo Rimada, Brendan Monroe, Victor Reyes, Remio, Jade (Peru), Cryptik, Travis Louie, Albert Reyes, Zach Johnsen, Bwanna Spoons, John Casey, Tomi Colgin (monstre), Julia Sonmi Heglund, Lucien Shapiro, Troy Coulterman, Adam Feibelman, Andres Guerrero, Amir H. Fallah, Colt Bowden, Lettercatsigns, Karen Hsiao, and Ben Eine.
6/7/14 - 6/27/14: The Passage - New Art from Oakland
Orinda Public Library presents "The Passage - New Art from Oakland", Works by John Casey, Patrick Dunaway, Obi Kaufmann, Crystal Morey, Lauren Napolitano, David Polka, and Jake Watling. Pics here.
4/26/14 - 5/31/14: Beacons
Faultline Artspace presents "Beacons", new work from local Oakland artists. Works by Mario Navasero, John Casey, Max Kauffman, David Polka, Cannon Dill, Jared Roses, Chris Granillo, Santos Shelton, Sydney Cain, Lauren Napolitano, Deadeyes, and Pancho Pescador. Pics here.
NIAD Art Center: The Art Show Podcast
NIAD Art Center presents: The pilot episode of "The Art Show" talks with Oakland artist John Casey about his drawings and sculptures, seeing his art tattooed on folks and covering the beginning of the East Bay art scene as a blogger. Oh yeah, and what's really in "ham" salad. Casey is one of the more than 80 contemporary artists who generously donated work to our annual fundraiser Win Win 2. Yeah, we decided to give podcasting a whirl. "The Art Show," produced by and recorded at NIAD Art Center, is hosted by Gallery Director Tim Buckwalter and Gallery Assistant Katie Johnson. Each episode features an interview with a local, national or NIAD artist talking about contemporary art... with a few brief, but interesting asides. Thanks for tuning in.

3/6/14 - 4/1/14: Revolver, Antler Gallery takeover of Hellion
Curated by the folks at Antler, and showing at Hellion Gallery, both in Portland, OR, this show features various collaborations. Collaborative and companion works by: Allison Sommers and Nicomi Nix Turner, John Casey and Susannah Kelly, Ben Kehoe and Jon MacNair, Frank Gonzales and April Coppini Art, Julianna Menna and Jason Borders, Douglas Miller and Neil M. Perry, Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall, Syd Bee and Matt Linares, Kathleen R. Lolley and Julianna Swaney Illustration, and Masako Miki and Laura Jean Graham. Show works here.
1/12/14 - 2/14/14: Upstarts and Rejects
Santa Clara University Fine Arts Gallery in Santa Clara, CA presents "Upstarts and Rejects," works by John Casey. This show features some large collaborative installation works with SCU students as well as my recent graphite drawings. Pics here and here.
1/11/14 - 2/2/14: Hands & Pants V
MOCO Gallery in Oakland, CA presents "Hands and Pants", a broad collaborative venture, employing 80+ of my artist peers. I drew either hands or pants (blue-jean-clad waist-down shod figures) or both, in a simple pen-and-ink style on 8"x10" Bristol paper. An invited artist was given the hands and/or pants and asked to complete the figure in any way the artist saw fit. My original intent was to create a collective storyboard using the "Hands and Pants" motif as a common recognizable character engaged in a variety of manifestations. However, the returned collaborations have gone far beyond my expectations in sheer artistic variety, producing an extended family of unique, individual beings. You can see all the latest H&P drawings here. Show pics here.
11/1 - 12/28/13: Silver Cord
Rock Paper Scissors Collective in Oakland, CA presents "Silver Cord" works by Jon Carling and John Casey. The show consists of an installation of large wood and ink cat head cutouts by me and small cutout cat character drawings by Jon Carling. Pics here.
10/5 - 11/30/13: Neu Folk Revival
Le Qui Vive in Oakland, CA presents "Neu Folk Revival" a group show curated by Max Kauffman. Featuring work by Ryan Bubnis, John Casey, Chip 7, Lisa Congdon, Uriel Correa, Cosmic Nuggets, Jennifer Davis, Cannon Dill, Doodles, Bill Dunlap, Mike Egan, Ghost Patrol, John Fellows, Christian Brock Forrer, Katy Horan, Anthony Hurd, Rich Jacobs, Yellena James, Max Kauffman, Austin Lane, Scot Lefavor, Matt Leines, Linsey Levendall, Justin Lovato, Troy Lovegates, Maseman, Erin McCarty, Mildred, Jaime Molina, Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair, Daryll Peirce, Faring Purth, Ryan Riss, Brian Robertson, Katherine Rutter, Lucien Shapiro, Chris Silva, Colin Van Der Sluijs, Zio Ziegler. Pics here.
10/4 - 11/30/13: Art Dorks: Rise
Space:Eight in St. Augustine, FL presents "Art Dorks: Rise" a group show featuring Art Dorks Collective artists. Artists include: John Casey, David Chung, Brendan Danielsson, Justin DeGarmo, Mark Elliott, Jad Fair, Joseph Daniel Fiedler, Robert Hardgrave, Gregory Hergert, Gergory Jacobsen, Colin Johnson, Jason Limon, Dan May, Christian Rex van Minnen, Chris Mostyn, Heiko Müller, Jason Murphy, Katie Ridley Murphy, Kristian Olson, Matthew Pasquarello, Anthony Pontius, Meagan Ridley, Kim Scott, and Scott Wilson.
10/3 - 11/2/13: Little Exorcisms
Breeze Block Gallery in Portland, OR presents "Little Exorcisms," a solo show of my recent drawings and sculptures, curated by Arrested Motion's Sven Davis. In the spirit of the season, Pittsburgh artist Mike Egan is showing in Gallery One. Pics here.
9/16/13: Live Free or Die Podcast Interview
Mike Maxwell, creator of the "Live Free Podcast" interviewed me here. We chat about the Headlands, blue-collar America, Boston, criticism, longevity, The Karate Kid, Kurt Cobain, boredom, mediums, empathy, Tourettes Syndrome, karaoke, rods and cones, Breeze Block Gallery, and Portland, OR. Give a listen!
7/12 - 8/31/13: Head Case
Echo Gallery in Calistoga, CA presents "Head Case" featuring work by John Casey, Emma Higgins, Kim Ford Kitz, and Shawn Whisenant. Pics here.
7/12 - 9/10/13: John Doe Show
Double Punch in San Francisco, CA presents "John Doe Show" featuring work by Jon Boam, John Casey, John D. Deardourff, Jean de Wet, Jon Lau, Jon MacNair, John Malta, and Jonny Negron. Pics here.
7/6 - 7/30/13: Hands and Pants SF
63 Bluxome Street Gallery in San Francisco, CA presents "Hands and Pants," my ongoing project, a broad collaborative venture, employing 70+ of my artist pals. Pics here.
7/11/13 SoEx Monster Drawing Rally
Southern Exposure in San Francisco, CA presents "Southern Exposure's 2013 Monster Drawing Rally," a live drawing event and fundraiser. Friday, June 16, 2013 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM, The New Black in SF. Pics here.
6/8 - 7/20/13: Désirance
Galerie Polaris in Paris, France presents "Désirance" a summer group show featuring Polaris gallery artists.
5/2 - 6/1/13: Wider Than a Postcard
Breeze Block Gallery in Portland, OR presents "Wider Than a Postcard" the latest curatorial collaboration between Arrested Motion's Sven Davis and Breeze Block Gallery. Over 200 artists have been invited to produce up to 3 works each based on the traditional postcard format.
12/12/12 - 3/17/13: Dessin(s) - Cynorrhodon Collection - FALDA
Cynorrhodon Collection - FALDA, Carte blanche à Annick and Louis Doucet, at the Commanderie des Templiers de la Villedieu Hin Élancourt, France, presents "Dessin(s)", Cynorrhodon Collection - FALDA. 274 works of 91 artists of the Cynorrhodon Collection - FALDA. Artists include: Samuel Aligand, Anne-Sophie Atek, Erwan Ballan, Pascale Baud, Élise Beaucousin, Maya Benkelaya, Ode Bertrand, Lucie Bitunjac, Elvire Bonduelle, Philippe Boutibonnes, Élodie Boutry, Claude Briand-Picard, Vincent Bullat, Benoît Carpentier, John Casey, Claude Cattelain, William Chattaway, Guillaume Constantin, Flavie Cournil, Nathalie Da Silva, Frédéric Daviau, Davmo, Dominique De Beir, Raffaella Della Olga, Diogène, Dirk Dombrowski, Marine Duboscq, Thomas Egeler, James Fancher, Jean-Louis Gerbaud, Hermann Geyer, Gilles Guias, Cristine Guinamand, Sylvie Guiot, Alexandre Hollan, Djoka Ivackovic, Marion Jannot, Marine Joatton, Daniel Johnston, Jean-Luc Juhel, Wolfram Kastner, Frank Kienberger, Maëlle Labussière, Jérémy Laffon, Max Lanci, Peter Max Lawrence, Guy Le Meaux, Christian Lefèvre, Frédérique Loutz, Dominique Lucci, Frédéric Magnan, Philippe Martinery, Ronald Mauthe, John McLaughlin, Jean-Michel Messager, Jürgen Meyer, Olivier Michel, Jean Boskja Mi§ler, Johannes Mšstl, Franck Mouteault, Knut Navrot, Michel Nedjar, Richard Negre, Soeren Neuperti, Patrice Pantin, Manuel Parrès, Christian Paulsen, Antoine Perrot, Anna Picco, Pascale Piron, Charlotte Puertas, Michel Raba, Pierre-Alexandre Remy, Anne Marie Rognon, Frank Schwarzinger, Elmar Seifert, Nicolas Simonin, Jack Skysegel, Anne Slacik, John Christoph Dionysos Sommersberg, Pierrick Sorin, Emma Souharce, Michael Stilkey, Michel Suret-Canale, Abdelkrim Tajiouti, Alain Trez, Christèle Veaux, Cécile Wautelet, Karl Friedrich Elias Weisgärber, Gernot Wieland, and Karolina Zalewska.

12/1 - 12/22/12: Don't Wake Daddy VII - Apocolypse
Feinkunst Krüger in Hamburg, Germany presents "Don't Wake Daddy VII - Apocolypse." I'm showing four colored pencil drawings. Artists include Atak, Anthony Ausgang, Oksana Badrak, Dan Barry, Jana Brike, Chris Buzelli, Daniel Cantrell, John Casey, Belicta Castelbarco, Paul Chatem, Brendan Danielsson, Danielle de Piciotto, Justin DeGarmo, Alex Diamond, Mark Elliott, Lause Elmar, Charles Glaubitz, Kelly Haigh, Thorsten Hasenkamm, Gregory Hergert, Ryan Heshka, Natalie Huth, Charlie Immer, Gragory Jacobsen, Colin Johnson, Boje Kiesiel, Ti Kunkit, Sean Lewis, Carolin Löbber, Jon MacNair, Mia Mäkilä, Moki, Brendan Monroe, Sergio Mora, Chris Mostyn, Heiko Müller, Skot Olsen, Anthony Pontius, Wolfgang Sangmeister, Raudiel Sanudo, Marcus Schäfer, Kim Scott, Sebo, Michael Slack, Allison Sommers, Nathan Spoor, Fred Stonehouse, Collin van der Sluijs, Christian Rex van Minnen, Marco Wagner, Eric White. Show inventory pics here.
10/5 - 10/26/2012: A Show of Heads
Le Qui Vive Gallery (formally Famous Four Colors) in Oakland, CA, presents "A Show of Heads" featuring work by Lucien Shapiro, Brian Robertson, and John Casey. I will be showing framed pencil works on panel and a mural with inked plywood cutouts. Show pics here. Opening pics here.

A Show of Heads from LeQuiVive Gallery on Vimeo.

8/3 - 8/25/2012: Oakland Now
Spoke Art presents Oakland NOW. The show will feature some of the East Bay's emerging and established artists. With mediums ranging from illustration to sculpture to painting, this show is intended to serve as a cross section of the diverse art community living and working in Oakland and beyond. Some of the prominent lineup of artists include: Aaron Nagel, Andy Witrak, Brendan Monroe, Brett Amory, Deth P. Sun, Eddie Colla, GATS, Gina Tuzzi, Isabel Samaras, Jason Munn, Jeremiah Jenkins, Jesse Hernandez, John Casey, Justin Lovato, Kelly Allen, Ken Davis, Lucien Shapiro, Marcos LaFarga, Monica Canilao, Nicomi Nix Turner, Rich Jacobs and Scott Hove. Show pics here.
8/3 - 8/24/2012: The World Saving Device
The Hive Gallery in Oakland, CA, curator Obi Kaufmann, and designer Jason Kulp are pleased to present "The World Saving Device: Oakland Art, 250 Years from Now." Ten Oakland painters and illustrators come together in this wildly imaginative show to explore the metaphor of a world that needs saving. The gallery will be transformed to resemble a cave, a proto-cathedral, or some sort of intergalactic womb. Participating Artists: Jon Carling, John Casey, Ernest Doty, Thomas Christopher Haag, Obi Kaufmann, Lauren Napolitano, Nathaniel Parsons, David Polka, David Seiler, and Gina Tuzzi. Show pics here. Show website here.
7/18/2012: East Bay Express Best of the Bay - Best Artist 2012
I have the great honor of being selected by the editors at the East Bay Express for their annual "Best of the Bay" issue for their 2012 "Best Artist" award. You can read about it here and here.
Feature: John Casey Combines Art and Beer for The Trappist
Bay Area Craft Beer has a nice article about my relationship with local beer bar The Trappist in Oakland and the artwork I have done for them.
Feature: Tapes 'n' Tales - John Casey
Love and Dishwater Tablets has a nice feature where they asked me to pair some of my art with various pieces of music. The choices may surprise you, or maybe not.
5/4 - 7/21/2012: FAX
San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery in San Francisco, CA presents "FAX." Participating Artists: Kathy Aoki, Brandon Brown, John Casey, Julie Chang, Adriane Colburn, Binh Danh, Kota Ezawa, Pablo Guardiola, Taraneh Hemami, Dana Hemenway, Tony Labat, John Patrick McKenzie, Geri Montano, Kelly Ording, Joshua Singer, Casey Jex Smith, Sarah Smith, Someguy, Taravat Talepasand, Charlene Tan, Josephine Taylor, Jenifer Wofford. Show pics here.
2/11/12 - 3/10/12: Big Idea
Galerie Polaris in Paris, France presents "Big Idea," by John Casey in the main gallery along with a group exhibition of artists from Galerie Rejane Louin in the second gallery. Opening reception pics here.
10/1/11 - 11/6/11: Tall Tales: Collaborative Projects by John Casey and Friends
Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA presents "Tall Tales: Collaborative Projects by John Casey and Friends". The exhibition will feature a collaborative project with Mary Kalin-Casey titled "Call and Response," which will feature a limited edition companion book for sale. I am also showing a project of collaborative works with 60+ artists titled "Hands and Pants." Hands and Pants artists include Gina Tuzzi, Deth P. Sun, Kara Joslyn, Obi Kaufmann, Kathy Aoki, Jason Byers, Gregory Jacobsen, Alex Rosmarin, Nathaniel Parsons, Kerri Lee Johnson, Derek Weisberg, Narangkar Glover, Dan Nelson, Alison Tharp, Jim Kaufmann, Ronny Jones, Micke Tong, Bill Dunlap, Mia Chistopher, Marcos Lafarga, Erik Otto, Jake Watling, Amy Casey, Ryan De La Hoz, Adam 5100, Sacha Eckes, Martha Sue Harris, Teppei Ando, Tina Dillman, Pete Glover, Michele Theberge, Scott Wilson, Robert Hardgrave, Matt Decker, Dave Higgins, Morten Hemmingsen Sørup, Maya Kabat, Henry Boyle, Brett Amory, Althea James, Tara Foley, Hunter Mack, Justin Lovato, Jon Carling, Michael McConnell, Justin Angelos, Michael Mellon, Brian Caraway, Erik Friedman, Alison OK Frost, Andrew James Jones, Erik Parra, Steven Barich, Crystal Morey, Billy Sprague, Rick Beaupre, Patricia Gillespie, Faring Purth, Scott Greenwalt, Mary Mortimer, and Mary Kalin-Casey.
Show pics here | Hands and Pants collaboration pics here | Opening reception pics here | Ransom Notes Feature here

Portrait: John Casey from Purebred on Vimeo.

Awesome video by Jason Mitchell and Stacey Ransom. An artist video portrait that is beyond words.

Nice video by Micke Tong of me in my studio preparing for the "Tall Tales" show at Swarm Gallery.
9/9/11 - 10/1/11: Dig for Fire: an Exhibition of Art inspired by the Pixies
C.A.V.E Gallery in Los Angeles, CA presents "Dig for Fire: an Exhibition of Art inspired by the Pixies". Artists include Chris Berens, Dan May, Ben Kehoe, Craig LaRotonda, Chris Sickels, Jonathan and Valerie Nicklow, Douglas Miller, John Casey, Jason Limon, Shaunna Peterson, Rik Catlow, Jim Sheely aka Ojimbo, Chris Cole, Aya Kakeda, Jenny Bird Alcantara, Ale Siniestro, Jeremy Pruitt, Timothy McCormick, Chris Mars, Annie Owens, Eric Eaton, PJ Fidler, Lee Petty, Eatcho, Macsorro, Craww, Tom Haubrick, Allison Sommers, Kelly Allen, Kathleen Lolley, Sergio Mora, Kevin Titzer, and Robert Hardgrave.
Opens Friday, September 9th, 7-10pm. Process pics here.
7/7/11 - 9/4/11: Outlandish: Contemporary Depictions of Nature
Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA presents "Outlandish: Contemporary Depictions of Nature". I am showing the collaborative sculpture I made with Derek Weisberg along with a long list of very talented folks. Sculpture pics here.
6/9/11 - 7/23/11: Dream It - Achieve It - Leave It
Galerie Polaris in Paris, France presents "Dream It - Achieve It - Leave It". Artists include Eric Aupol, Yto Barrada, Stéphane Couturier, Patrick Guns, Christian Lhopital, Assaf Shoshan, John Casey, Clémence Van Lunen, Bart Baele, Christophe Terlinden.
3/26/11 - 4/16/11: There is No Telling
Double Punch Gallery in San Francisco, CA presents "There is No Telling". Artists include John Casey, Justin Lovato, Parskid, Jon Vermilyea and Erik Otto. Pics here.
3/25/11 - 3/28/11: Drawing Now Paris
Galerie Polaris at "Drawing Now Paris". Artists include Bart Baele, John Casey, Christian Lhopital, and Simon Willems.
3/4/11 - 3/31/11: Stand Tall II: No Ceilings
Old Crow Tattoo in Oakland, CA presents "Stand Tall Pt.II: No Ceilings". A large group show of artists working in a 9' x 3' format. I have an exquisite corpse collaboration with Nathaniel Parsons, Dave Higgins, and Obi Kaufmann. Pics here.
12/11/10 - 1/16/11: Things Are Expanding
Swarm Gallery presents "Things Are Expanding." The process: Swarm invited fourteen of its gallery artists to invite another artist of their choosing (from outside the gallery) to collaborate on a piece. We encouraged the artists to invite someone whose work they admire, but who works differently - either in medium, creative style, concept, or all of the above - to "stretch their creative muscles". My collaborator is Derek Weisberg and we created a large ceramic Janus bust. Opening pics here and sculpture pics here.
12/10/10 - 1/8/11: Gone
Southern Exposure presents "Gone" a show curated by Southern Exposure's Youth Advisory Board Members. Exhibiting artists include: Dan Ball, John Casey, Genevieve Dupre, Jeremy Fish, Veronica Graham, Collette Campbell Jones, Mike Kerhsnar, Alanna Simone, Nicolas Torres, Brian Weiss and Erik Wilson. Pics here.
11/27/10 - 12/18/10: 111 at 111
111 Minna presents "111 at 111." A crazy huge group show featuring 111 artists! Pics here.
11/27/10 - 12/18/10: The Bridge Is Over
Spoke Art presents "The Bridge Is Over." Artists include: Attaboy, Brett Amory, John Felix Arnold III, Kate August, Nicholas Lea Bruno, John Casey, Monica Canilao, Eddie Colla, Dave Correia, Meagan Donegan, Emory Douglas, GATS, Carolynn Haydu, Hunter de la Ghetto, Peter Gronquist, Scott Hove, Jeremiah Jenkins, Keba Konte, Justin Lovato, Amanda Lopez, Becca Jay, Daryll Peirce, Deth P Sun, Ras Terms, Gina Tuzzi, Annie Vought, Derek Weisberg, Aoi Yamaguchi, and Zoltron. Pics here.
8/7/10 - 8/31/10: 2nd Anniversary Show
POVevolving presents "2nd Anniversary Exhibition." Artists include: Clark Goolsby, Derek Albeck, Alexis Mackenzie, Kiel Johnson, Joe McKay, Sonny Kay, John Casey, Ben Venom, Satan's Camaro, Jason Manley, Jeremy Mora, Jason Perry, Im Jang Soon, Hallis Brown Thorton, Julie Rofman, Heather Gabel, Adam Flores, Crystal Morey, Micheal Bizon, John Carr, Dana Oldfather, Kevin Taylor, and more...

7/8/10 - 7/22/10: An Impossible Match
Galerie Polaris in Paris, France presents "An Impossible Match." Laure Tixier, Yto Barrada, Stéphane Couturier, Simon Willems, Patrick Guns, Christian Lhopital, Gerardo Custance, Casey Jex Smith, John Casey, and Matthias Bruggmann.
6/19/10 - 9/4/10: Secret Drawings
Palo Alto Art Center presents "Secret Drawings." Inspired by a Surrealist strategy to create unexpected artworks, "Secret Drawings" features pieces created for the exhibition by invited artists who have been assigned a title and paired with a secret collaborator. Artists include: Bill Abright, Mark Anderson, Peter Anderson, Mari Andrews, Gale Antokal, Kathy Aoki, Timothy Berry, Sandow Birk, Joe Brubaker, Jamie Brunson, John Casey, Leona Christie, Jaime Cortez, Chris Crites, Reed Danziger, Dominic Di Mare, Anthony Discenza, Susan Marie Dopp, Erik Friedman, Lucy Gaylord-Lindholm, Justin Gibbens, Scott Greene, Dana Harel, Philip Knoll, Lisa Kokin, Fred Loomis, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Frances McCormack, Yvette Molina, Kenna Moser, Paul Mullins, Bob Nugent, Catie O'Leary, Elyse Pignolet, Maria Porges, Walter Robinson, Charlotte Schulz, Emma Sintamarian-Harris, Travis Somerville, Jennifer Starkweather, Kirsten Stolle, Inez Storer, Deth P. Sun, Josephine Taylor, Kevin Earl Taylor, Lava Thomas, Larry Thomas, Theodora Varnay Jones, Jamie Vasta, Marci Washington, and Heather Wilcoxon. Pics here.
5/1/10 - 7/11/10: Fourplay
Webb Gallery in Waxahachie, Texas presents "Fourplay." Artists: John Casey, Mr. Hooper, Frieda Gossett, and Bruce Lee. Pics here.
Pictoplasma presents a series of exhibitions, featuring original work by the key players of what is being labelled "DIY art" "fractured figuration" or "new psychedelic folk". Pen to Paper showcases works by Shoboshobo (FR), Allyson Mellberg Taylor (US), Seth Scriver (CA), Andrew James Jones (UK), John Casey (US), Luke Ramsey (CA), Eric Shaw (US), Thomas Bernard (FR), Lane Hagood (US), Joey Haley (CA), Kerozen (FR), Ian Stevenson (UK), Arnaud Loumeau (FR), Fia Cielen (BE), Frédéric Fleury (FR), Matt Lock (US), Ola Vasiljeva (NL), and Yu Matsuoka (JP/FR).

3/25 - 4/23/10: Concrete Hermit, London, England
4/8 - 4/24/10: artSPACE berlin, Berlin, Germany
5/1 - 5/26/10: Galerie LJ, Paris, France

4/18/10: Headlands Spring Open House, Noon to 5 pm
The Headlands Center for the Arts presents the Spring Open House. Pics Here!
3/20/10 - 4/17/10: John Casey and Casey Jex Smith
Galerie Polaris in Paris, France presents "John Casey and Casey Jex Smith," a two-person show of both artist's recent work.
3/5/2010: SOEX Monster Drawing Rally
Southern Exposure in San Francisco, CA presents "Southern Exposure's 10th Annual Monster Drawing Rally," a live drawing event and fundraiser. Friday, March 5, 2010 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM, $10 and up. Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa, (between Potrero and Hampshire and 17th and 18th), in SF. Pics Here!
1/9/10 - 2/8/10: "Hope Springs Internal" and "Odd Populi"
POVevolving Gallery in Los Angeles, CA presents "Hope Springs Internal," a solo show of my recent work. I'm also curating a group show in the 2nd gallery featuring Martha Sue Harris, Billy Sprague, Kerri Lee Johnson, Bill Dunlap, and Mike Lay titled "Odd Populi." Pics here. ML4U process blog here.
1/15/09 - 1/26/10: Belly
A group show entitled "Belly" (curated by Cheyenne Pallo) at the American Steel building in Oakland, CA. Artists in the show include John Casey, Liz Dunning, Cheyenne Pallo, Kevin Kreutler, Zack Sternwalker, Selene Gibbous, Zack Kasten, Teppei Ando, Uncle Murvin, Peter Hinson, and Sam White and Asiya Wadud. Pics Here!
12/11/09 - 1/24/10: Shop Show
Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA presents "Shop Show." Artists include Todd Barricklow, John Casey, Treasure Frey, Terry Furry, David Higgins, Morgania Moore, Oaklandish, and Sarah A. Smith. Pics here.
12/5 - 12/23/09: Don't Wake Daddy IV
Feinkunst Krüger in Hamburg, Germany presents "Don't Wake Daddy IV - International Drawing Show." Artists include Anthony Ausgang, Anthony Pontius, Brendan Danielsson, Eric White, Femke Hiemstra, Fred Stonehouse, Heiko Müller, John Casey, Marcus Schäfer, Mark Elliott, Martin Wittfooth, Matt Lock, Moki, Paul Chatem, Travis Louie and Van Arno.
11/27 - 12/19/09: This is the End of the World as We Know It
MOHS Exhibit in Copenhagen, Denmark presents "This is the End of the World as We Know It." Artists include Robbie Wilkinson (uk), Mike Shine (us), Daniel Davidson (us), Jesse Balmer (us), Chris Silva (us), Heiko Müller (de), Jim Stoten (uk), Saddo (rum), Yosuke Ueno (jp), Molly Colleen O«Connell (us), Matteo Gualandris (it), Travis Millard (us), Mel Kadel (us), John Casey (us), Karen Constance (sco), Colin Van der Sluijs (nl), Keith Greiman (us), Dadara (nl), Jason Graham (us), and Johannes Høie (no).
11/21 - 12/10/09: We Haven't Felt This Way in Years
Double Punch in San Francisco, CA presents "We Haven't Felt this way in Years." Artists include: Henry Gunderson, Tara Lisa Foley, Scott Barry, Ben King, Tim Hussey, Ray Potes, Liam Devowski, Frank Callozo, Ryan Bubnis, Brett Amory, John Casey, Mildred, Julian Duron, Shawn Whisenant/AKO, Andre Eamiello, Jason Vivona, Bwana Spoons, Jessica Trippe, Jeremy Forson, Dustin Holstedler/UPSO, Deth P. Sun, Kevin Scott Hailey, Kevin Earl Taylor, Kyle Ng, Doodles, Alexander Martinez, Oscar Mendoza, and Mary Syring.
10/16 - 11/1/09: Illustrative 09
Six of my drawings were in the Illustrative 09 exhibit in Berlin, Germany. Illustrative 09 showcases an international scene of artist-designers, whose works have been inspired by subculture movements like comic and graffiti as well as by applied arts like illustration and book art.
10/22 - 10/26/09: Slick Paris
Galerie Polaris in Paris, France presented my work along with other gallery artists at the Slick Art Fair. Pics here.
10/18/09: Headlands Fall Open House, Noon to 5pm
The Headlands Center for the Arts presents the Fall Open House. Pics here.
9/12 - 10/16/09: The Bright Darkness
Swee(t)Art Drawing Gallery in Oakland, CA presents "The Bright Darkness." Featuring the work of Casey Jex Smith, Jaime Lakatos, John Casey, Alison Tharp, Dara Harvey, Kelly Monson, and Mike Eli. Pics here.
9/12 - 9/26/09: Take the A Train 2
Galerie Polaris in Paris, France presents "Take the A Train 2." Works by Antonio Caballero, John Casey, Stéphane Couturier, Patrick Guns, Christian Lhopital, Casey-Jex Smith, Laure Tixier, and Walter Van Beirendonck.
7/25 - 8/13/2009: We Are Awake
Double Punch in San Francisco, CA presents new work by John Casey, Jon MacNair, Shawn Whisenant, and Nic Mann. Pics here.
7/12/09: Headlands Summer Open House, Noon to 5pm
The Headlands Center for the Arts presents the Summer Open House. Pics here.
7/2 - 7/22/09: Take the A Train
Galerie Polaris in Paris, France presents "Take the A Train." Works by Yto Barrada, Antonio Caballero, John Casey, Stéphane Couturier, Anthony Hernandez, Assaf Shoshan, Casey-Jex Smith, and Simon Willems.
6/19 - 7/15/2009: Red Handed
BellJar in San Francisco, CA presents "Red Handed," new work by John Casey. Pics here. Art Business coverage.
Fecal Face coverage.

5/29 - 6/14/2009: Heavy Hitters
Cricket Engine Project Space and Studios in Oakland, CA presents "Heavy Hitters" featuring art by John Casey, Obi Kaufmann, Scott MacLeod, Dan Nelson, Nathaniel Parsons, Jessica Serran, and Lexa Walsh. Pics here.
5/2 - 6/30/2009: You've Got Light In Your Eyes
Needles and Pens in San Francisco, CA presents "You've Got Light In Your Eyes" a group show curated by Meighan O'Toole, editor of the amazing art site "My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses." Pics here. Review here.
Interviews: The Oakbook and the SFist
I have an interview here with Theo Auer of the The Oakbook and I have an interview here with Micke Tong of the SFist.
4/3 - 5/10/2009: Distant Cousins
Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA presents... Main Gallery: "Distant Cousins | John Casey", Project Space: Nature Boy | Don Porcella, and Side Gallery: "Regime Change | Group Exhibition". Pics here and here. EBX review here.
3/22 - 3/26/09: Salon du Dessin Contemporain
Galerie Polaris, in Paris, France, is participating in the Paris Contemporary Drawing Fair. Work by John Casey, Patrick Guns, Christian Lhopital, Max Rohr, Casey-Jex Smith, Laure Tixier, Simon Willems.
3/5 - 3/26/2009: Mixed Messages
Fifty24SF in San Francisco, CA presents "Mixed Messages", a group show featuring work by Jin Chon, Jessica Trippe, John Casey, Chris Jehly, Empte Eyes, and Mitsy Ávila Ovalles. Pics here.
2/27/2009: SOEX 9th Annual Monster Drawing Rally
Southern Exposure announces the 9th Annual Monster Drawing Rally at the Verdi Club, a live drawing and fundraising event featuring over 130 artists. For a full list of artists visit the SOEX website. Pics here.
1/22 - 2/26/2009: From One Hand to One Mind to One Hand to Your Mind
Los Medanos College Art Gallery in Los Medanos College Art Gallery presents "From One Hand to One Mind to One Hand to Your Mind" featuring the artwork of Nathaniel Parsons and over twelve other artists. Besides Parsons, artists shown include, from the Bay Area: Lexa Walsh, Dan Nelson, Yuri Ono, Joshua Housh, Dave Higgins, Helen Lee, John Casey, Obi Kaufman, Christina Empedocles, and Elsie Morris; and nationally: Karen Doten and Hamlett Dobbins. Pics here.
1/23 - 4/26/2009: Tales from an Imaginary Menagerie
Palo Alto Art Center in Palo Alto, CA presents "Tales from an Imaginary Menagerie." Artists include: Randy Bolton, Ria Brodell, John Casey, Adam Chapman, Timothy Cummings, Walton Ford, Justin Gibbens, Scott Greene, Julie Heffernan, Laurie Hogin, Anthony Diaz Hope and Laurel Roth, Misako Inaoka, Nina Katchadourian, Margot Quan Knight, Philip Knoll, Walter Robinson, John Slepian, Deth P. Sun, Kevin E. Taylor, Donald Roller Wilson, and Yuka Yamaguchi. Pics here.
1/2 - 1/25/2009: No One We Know
The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA presents "No One We Know" by John Casey. Pics here.
12/31/08 - 1/9/2009: Characters R Us
Pictoplasma presents at the Musée d'Art contemporain de Bordeaux, France "Characters R Us" In conjunction with Pictoplasma's "Pen to Paper" book. Artists Include hand-drawn work by Thomas Bernard, John Casey, Mark DeLong, Fia, Frederic Fleury, Charles Glaubitz, Lane Hagood, Joey Haley, Mehdi Hercberg aka Shoboshobo, Andrew James Jones, Matt Lock, Arnaud Loumeau, Yu Matsuoka, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Stephane Prigent aka Kerozen, Luke Ramsey, Seth Scriver, Eric Shaw, Ian Stevenson, Team Macho, Dennis Tyfus and Ola Vasiljeva. Pics here.
11/6 -12/13/2008: Crossing the Line
Art Gallery, SRJC presents "Crossing the Line, New Perspectives in Drawing." Artists include Bryan Barasch, Todd Barricklow, John Casey, Wendy Crittenden, Jen Garrido, Jonn Herschend, Kurt Kemp, Kathryn Kenworth, Evri Kwong, Jean Robison, Frank Ryan, Lisa Soloman, and Jennifer Sturgill. Curated by William Smith. Pics here.
10/30/2008: Scarecrow
Rowan Morrison Publishing presents "Scarecrow" by John Casey, the collectible new art book featuring over 60 unseen biomorphic drawings from the depths of the subconscious. Specs: 6" x 9", 2-color offset printing, limited 1st edition, signed and numbered by the artist, intro by James Kaufmann, $20.
10/15 -11/22/2008: Bay Area Currents
Oakland Art Gallery presents "Bay Area Currents," an annual juried exhibition showcasing the depth and variety of inspired artists currently working in the Bay Area art scene. Artists include Steve Allen, Alexis Babayan, John Casey, Bill Domonkos, Bradley Hyppa, Andrea Land, Jessica Pezalla, Robb Putnam, Alanna Risse, Michael Ryan, Noah Sakamoto, and Allison Watkins. Juried by Aimée Reed.
Pics here.
10/4 -10/31/2008: The Dead Show
Lobot Gallery presents "The Dead Show" an art event showcasing and celebrating former Oakland galleries that have, for one reason or another, hung up their spackle and red dots and called it quits. Featured galleries include Boontling, Auto 3321, and 33 Grand. Pics here.
9/27-10/18, 2008: No Brow
Black Maria Gallery in Los Angeles presents a group show called "No Brow." Artists: Aaron Kraten, Alex Wiesenfeld, Brooks Salzwedel, Jane Gotts, Jason Hernandez, Jeff McMillan, Jennybird Alcantara, John Casey, Junko Mizuno, Ken Garduno, Sam Saghatelian, Thomas Bakofsky and Tom Neely.
9/19-10/11, 2008: Diverse Chorus
Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin presents a group show called "Diverse Chorus" curated by Kevin Taylor. Artists include Kim Alsbrooks, Kelli Bratvold, Leslie Burns, John Casey, Lisa Chou, Jon Clary, Tim Cohen, Jason Filipow, Adam Flores, Kevin Scott Hailey, Michelle Mansour, Charlie Mcalister, Mulletpony, Olivia Park, Steve Pomberg, John Pundt, Patrick Segui, Stefan Strumbel, Miha, Kevin E. Taylor, Mr. Ben Venom, Justin Waugh, Derek Weisberg, Lauren Wong, Marc Bernstein, Philip White, and James Hunter.
Pics here.
Interview: Sophistry
I have a fairly concise interview with Hikaru Hayashi from culture and art website Sophistry. Japanese readers can enjoy the interview in Japanese and there is an english language version as well. Check it out here.
8/2-8/23, 2008: FasTraK - A Bridge and Tunnel Survey
Lobot Gallery presents a group show called "FasTrak - a Bridge and Tunnel Survey." Other featured artists include Alexis Amann, Nicholas Bohac, Colette Cambell-Jones, John Casey, Nancy Chan, Amanda Curreri, Michael Cutlip, Mark Edwards, Will Gurley, Martha Sue Harris, Darren Hawk, Raymie Iadevaia, Daniel Healey, Kara Joslyn, MaryAnne Kluth, Liz Maher, Leticia Ramirez, Bryan Von Reuter, Dickson Schneider, Shawn Sloan, Charlene Tan, Task 1, Karen Thomas, Ryan Verzaal, Raymond Wong, and John Writer. Pics here.
Interview: ILOVEFAKE Magazine
Jolijn Snijders of ILOVEFAKE Magazine has published an interview with me in their latest "Nior Issue". It's a PDF magazine so it requires a quick download.
Interview: Indigo Magazine
I did an interview with Sofia Garza-Barba from Indigo Magazine based in Mexico. It is a great online magazine and based on other content I viewed there, I expected a cool take on my work. The good folks at Indio did a truly awesome job combining my sculptures and drawings, animating them with music and narration. The interview is in Spanish but non-Spanish speakers can still appreciate it.
Check it out.
6/12-6/15, 2008: The Affordable Art Fair NYC
TAG Art Gallery with my work at the AAF 2008 in New York City. Other featured artists at the TAG booth will include: Chris Scarborough, Lori Field, Mary Addison Hackett, Vadis Turner and McKay Otto.
6/6, 2008: 21 Grand's 8th Annual Fixed Price Art Sale
21 Grand presents a myriad of small masterpieces donated by a swell array of over 70 local (and formerly local) artists for sale at less than typical prices.
5/23-6/22, 2008: Swarm Gallery
I have executed an installation in the project space called "Picket Fencing" at Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA. Artists Jeff Eisenberg and Chris Loomis in the main gallery. Pics here.
Interview: My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses
Meighan O'Toole of "My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses" (great blog title) has an interview with me at her blog. This is a particularly insightful and revealing Q&A.
Check it here.
Interview: Libby's Niche
I have an interview over at "Libby's Niche" Libby Nicholaou's blog which has some other cool interviews with other artists as well.
Check it out!
2/22/08, 6-11pm: SOEX Monster Drawing Rally
Southern Exposure announces the 8th Annual Monster Drawing Rally, a live drawing and fundraising event featuring over 130 artists. The event will be held at the Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa (between Hampshire and Potrero streets) in San Francisco, CA.
Pics here!
2/2 - 2/23/08: TAG Art Gallery
TAG Art Gallery in Nashville, TN presents Josh Keyes, John Casey and David McClister. Pics here and here.
Interview: Spraygraphic
Spraygraphic has posted up an interview with me here. Check it out!
Interview: JaxCal
Byron King over at JaxCAL (Jacksonville Contemporary Arts League) has posted up an interview with me here.
12/6 - 12/9/07: Red Dot Miami Beach
Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA took my work along with a number of talented folks to this Miami, FL art fair.
11/24 - 12/23/07: The Little Show
Swarm in Oakland, CA presents "The Little Show". All works under 8"x8". Lot's of talented folks in this show. Opening pics here.
11/3 - 11/30/07: Strange Fruit - Bad Seeds
Receiver Gallery in San Francisco, CA presents new works by John Casey and Martha Sue Harris.
Show and reception pics here.
10/27/07 - 1/13/08: The de Young Museum
The de Young Museum in San Francisco, CA presents "The Diane and Sandy Besser Collection". A drawing of mine is in this show. Awesome!! Show and reception pics here.
10/20 - 11/11/07: Immigrant Punk
Black Maria Gallery in Los Angeles, CA presents "Immigrant Punk". Participating Artists: Bask, John Casey, Ken Garduno, Douglas Alvarez, Martina Secondo Russo, Nicoz Balboa, Andre Firmiano, Hagop Belian, Pogo, Nina Nichols, Angela Penaredondo, Claudio Parentela, Sam Saghatelian, Glynnis Reed and Jasko.
9/14 - 9/16/07: The Affair @ the Jupiter
Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA is taking my work along with a number of talented folks to this Portland, OR art fair.
8/4 - 8/26/07: Collected Works from a Collection of Friends
Youngblood Gallery in Atlanta, GA presents "Collected Works from a Collection of Friends". Artists include Kevin E. Taylor, John Pundt, Shertz, Derek Weisberg, John Casey, Mulletpony, Danielle de Picciotto, Jacob Arden Mclure, Miha, Jessica Serran, Lauren Wong, Kim Alsbrooks, Justin, Waugh, James Hunter, Patrick Segui and Camille Howe.
Opening Reception pics here.
8/2 - 8/31/07: Fecal Face Dot Com Celebrates It's 7.5 Year Anniversary
111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, CA presents 7.5 Year Anniversary Artistic Exhibition.
Opening Reception pics here.
6/27/07 - 7/27/07: BANZAI/GODZILLA Japan's Influence in America THEN and NOW
A show curated by Bob Hanamura at the SFMOMA Artist Gallery. Artists include Kim Anno, Kathy Aoki, Lucy Arai, John Casey, Ishian Clamenco, Laura Duford, Yukako Ezoe, Peggy Gyulai, Theodorea Varnay Jones, Tom Marinoni, Howard Munson, Seiko Tachibana, Ayu Tomikawa, Kazuaki Tanahashi, Scott Tsuchitani, and Kimetha Vanderveen.
Pics here, SF Chronicle article here.
4/20/07 - 5/25/07: Metamorphosis Chamber
FPAC Gallery presents new works by John Casey and Basil El Halwagy. Pics here.
3/31/07 - 4/27/07: Arthead SF
Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA presents "Arthead SF". Participating artists include Beth Bojarski, John Casey, Paul Chatem, Gregory Euclide, Matt Furie, Micah Lebrun, Minchi/Shimizu (Japan), Scott Radke, Reuben Rude, Jessica Serran, Martha Sue, Micke Tong, and Derek Weisberg. Curated by Nicole Wintermyer. Pics here.
3/16/07 - 4/14/07: Time Capsule: Famous Last Works
Curated by Kevin E. Taylor, the ToyRoom Gallery in Sacramento, CA. presents "Time Capsule: Famous Last Works". Featuring Lauren Wong, Andrew Klein, Kevin Taylor, James Hunter, John Casey, Miha, Philip White, Charlie Mcalister, Jacob Arden McClure, Shepard Fairey, Anne Faith Nicholls, John Pundt, Kelli Bratvold, Steve Pomberg, Ben Venom, Justin Waugh, CamillevHowe, Gale Hart, Patrick Segui. A write up is here.. pics here.
3/3/07 - 3/31/07: Tag Art
Tag Art Gallery in Nashville presents new works by Josh Keyes and John Casey. Guest curator and friend James Kaufmann has also assembled a collection of artists showing collage in the front room in a show entitled "Cut and Paste". Jeremy Pruitt aka "Thinkmule" is one of a number of cool folks in the collage show. Show pics here!
2/23/07 SoEx Monster Drawing Rally
Southern Exposure in San Francisco, CA presents "Southern Exposure's 7th Annual Monster Drawing Rally," a live drawing event and fundraiser. Friday, February 23, 2007 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM, Verdi Club in SF. Pics here.
2/10/07 - 3/9/07: OKOK Gallery
OKOK Gallery in Seattle presents SuttonBeresCuller, Mel Kadel, Josh Cochran, Ian Francis, Zachary Rossman, Gregory Euclide, John Casey, Michele Carlson, Anthony Lister, and Jen Corace.
1/26/07 - 3/11/07: Pro Art's Juried Annual
The Pro Arts is pleased to announce Juried Annual 2007, with selections by Berin Golonu, Associate Visual Arts Curator at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA. Selected Artists include: Diane Abt, Steven Barich, Fern Barker, Julia Bradshaw, John Casey, Rita Coury, John Ferdico, James Gayles, Yana Goldfine, Miya Hannan, Ema Harris-Sintamarian, John Hundt, Joel Isaacson, Toby Kahn, Rebecca Katz, Sahar Khoury, Mary Anne Kluth, Eric Larson, Stephen Linden, Caroline Lovell, Monica Lundy, Dave Meeker, Eileen Starr Moderbacher, Tom Mueske, Steven Polacco, E. Marie Robertson, David Ryan, Jenny Sampson, Zachary Royer Scholz, Anna Morales Simson, Anna Vaughan, John Vias, Antonio Vigil, Jerad Walker, Judith White, Dona Wilson, Susan Wolf, Edmund Wyss.
Show pics here!
1/20/07 - 3/10/07: Graphic: New Bay Area Drawing
The di Rosa Preserve presents drawings by some of the most thought-provoking Bay Area artists working in two dimensions today: Libby Black, John Casey, Ala Ebtekar, David Huffman, Packard Jennings, Amy Rathbone, Tucker Schwarz, Dean Smith, Taravat Talepasand, Josephine Taylor, Weston Teruya and Canan Tolon. Show pics here!
12/2/06 - 1/7/07: I Think We Better Split Up
Just in time for the holidays, Receiver Gallery and Poketo (amazing art products co.) are teaming up to bring you
"I Think We Better Split Up". With works from: Miki Amano, John Casey, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Tim Gough, Stella Im Hultberg, Caitlin Keegan, Aya Kondo, Kozumo, Frank McCauley, Ogi, Eamon Ore-giron, Nick Paparone, Natalie Roland, Casey Jex Smith, Ryan Jacob Smith, Steve Smith, Hannah Stouffer, Nakao Teppei, and Paul Urich. Show pics here!
11/3/06 - 12/17/06: Boontling Allstars
Boontling Gallery presents "Boontling Allstars" show. Artists include Adam5100, Angie Brown, John Casey, Josh Keyes, Mike Lay, Dan Lewis, Jordan Mello, Crystal Morey, Jon Nagel, Vincent Perea, Loren Purcell, Hector Serna Jr. Show pics here!
10/26/06 - 11/4/06: Fecal Face at BLK/MRKT
Fecal Face group show at BLK/MRKT in LA. Show pics here!
10/6/06 - 10/8/06: Marfa Salon
Meg Shiffler, director of the SF Arts Commission Gallery, along with Marjory Graue showed ten of my drawings at the Chinati Weekend event in Marfa, Texas. Other SF area artists shown are Sarah Applebaum, Brendan Monroe, Mat O'Brien, Hilary Pecis, Andrew Shoultz, and Paul Urich.
9/15/06: Arthead SF Interview (?)
Nicole Wintermyer runs a blog called Arthead SF. Mission statement reads as follows: "arthead sf is a space where readers see and learn the meaning behind art. These are not critiques or interviews with artists. Each feature is written entirely by the artist, revealing only what they feel and want you to know about the featured piece." I blab on about my "beantown Boy" sculpture. Read it here. There are many cool artists to check out. Put up some comments there!
8/7/06: SFGate Culture Blog Coverage
The SF Chronicle Culture Blog covered the Minna/Fecal show here.
8/3/06: Fecal Face Mini Interview
I have a mini interview on Fecal Face in conjunction with the awesome anniversary show here.
8/3/06: Art Business
Art Business covered the Minna/Fecal show here (scroll down).
8/3/06: SF Chronicle Coverage
The SF Chronicle covered the Minna/Fecal show here.
8/3/06: Fecal Face Anniversary Show
I participated in Fecal Face's " 125th Anniversary of the Internet" at 111 Minna Gallery along with 38 other, very talented artists. It was a hell of an opening! Pics here.
7/7/06: "Big Bawlers" at Auto3321
I participated in a group show at Auto3321 Gallery at 3321 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland. I showed a couple of new large drawings. Check it! Other artists participating: Serena Cole, Chris Fitzpatrick, Uri Korn, Billy Kroft, Amy W. Lee, Hunter Mack, Ashley Neese, Hilary Pecis, Kyle Ranson, Catherine Ryan, Sham, Zefrey Throwell, and Tracy Timmins.
6/6/06 - 6/25/06: "666" at blankspace
A group show of artists whose work is dark, chaotic or just plain weird - a lighthearted celebration of the impending doom that is predicted by some to occur on 06/06/06. Featuring: Ben Baumgartner, Jonathan Casella, John Casey, Gabe Dikel, Sarah Foster, Leslie Kulesh, Mark Mulroney, Kottie Paloma, John Colle Rogers, Case Gabriel Simmons, Trevor Thornton, Garth Thompson-Vieira, Kyle Williams.

4/21: Fecal Face "Headache" Coverage
The Eastsider, covered April's Art Murmur including the "Headache" show here.

4/14/06: Headache Review By David Downs, East Bay Express
"The most creepy gallery show this year goes to the Boontlingers on Telegraph Avenue for this collection of mounted mutant ceramic and mixed-media heads that beg for mercy from a cruel world. Lucien Shapiro uses doll eyes, teeth and tongues, tentacles, cow skeletons, moss, clay, and deer horns to create 21 menacing wall sculptures. These haunting pieces range from one foot in diameter to pin-sized and make all manner of faces including the grimace, the shout, the sneer, and the laugh. John Casey complements Shapiro with "50 Dark Thoughts" using a decapitated ceramic figure mounted below fifty fist-sized brown skulls baked into mean little sneers dotted with pin-hole eyes, robot eyes, or no eyes at all. Creep factor or not, more than a half dozen of these $100 pieces sold on opening night."

4/7/06 - 4/30/06: "Headache"
I have a show with Lucien Shapiro at The Boontling Gallery in the Temescal neighborhood in Oakland. Show pics here.
2/8/06: KQED Gallery Crawl Podcast
"Along Came a Spider" got nice coverage on February's KQED Gallery Crawl Podcast. View or download it here.
2/8/06: SF Chronicle Culture Blog
Various Art Murmur shows, including "Along Came a Spider," got nice mentions by the SF Chronicle's Matt Petty here.
2/3/06 - 2/26/06: Along Came a Spider
I had a spider-ific show with Martha Sue Harris at the great venue 33 Grand for the month of February. Set-up, reception and show pics here.
10/21/05: Art Business
Alan Bamberger gave me a nice mention for the Creature Double Feature show with pics. You can see the page on Artbusiness.com [scroll down].
10/21/05 - 12/3/05: "Creature Double Feature"
Had a fun show called "Creature Double Feature" with the very talented Martha Sue Harris at National Product. Show pics here.
3/15/05: Various Press descriptions of the Unusual Suspects show...

SF Station: Art Scene, March 11th - 24th by Melissa Lane

Oakland artist John Casey delves deep into the demon-ruled zones of his psyche and reports back to us in sculpture and pen-and-ink drawings. Unusual Suspects comprises a host of deformed, sad little creatures. Casey explains that, "They struggle with their ugliness and debilitation but are also somewhat at peace with it... The result may evoke a burst of laughter or yelp of fright."...
East Bay Express: This Week's Day-by-Day Picks by Stephanie Kalem

Saturday, 3/19 - Today is your last chance to see John Casey's first solo show of mixed-media sculptures and pen-and-ink drawings. For Unusual Suspects, Casey has loaned his demons to the Cricket Engine Studio and Gallery, and man, are they cute — in a grotesque kind of way. The Oakland-by-way-of-New England rez creates detailed drawings and glossy, small-scale sculptures of clownish monstrosities that somehow — despite their gimp masks, vestigial horns, feet for bodies, boxing gloves for legs, sphincter-lipped mouths, and incorrectly hairy parts -- seem to beg for your love.
3/11/05: Art Business
Alan Bamberger gave me a nice little review accompanied by some pics. You can see the page on Artbusiness.com [scroll down].
3/11/05: "Unusual Suspects" Reception photos here!
3/10/05 - 3/19/05: "John Casey's Unusual Suspects"
Solo show of sculpture and drawing.